Awnings and Blinds Beyond Boundaries

Transforming spaces with exquisite blinds and awnings

SHARP POINT sustains to stand and continue to serve our customer beyond imaginable to cope with the quantity and quality product that we offer to our beloved customer and consumer and to contribute with the developing country of Malaysia. 

SHARP POINT does believe in providing for our staff so that they will in turn provide the best for our customers. This is evident in our helpful and capable staff, who are willing to work hard to meet the needs of our customers.


Available in an array of colours to match the décor of your building’s exterior.


Using 100% “green” polymer materials to create an elegant and durable product.


Our awnings are sleek and modern in design and are cost effective to install.
SHARP Point is a professional blinds design and manufacturing company. We manufacture our products to the highest standards, utilizing the best materials available, while ensuring they are designed to suit various setups and configurations.
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